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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

You have come to The Wrong Place. At least if you came here looking for information about wind turbines and wind power. In that case you probably want www.vestas.dk or perhaps www.windpower.dk.


I'm in the process of switching to UTF-8 encoding of my pages, primarily so I can include Japanese text, it's so pretty. So far I've used it mostly on my pages of Japanese books, but also in one of my recipes.

Further I'm in the process of reorganizing, restructuring, revising, reevaluating and maybe even recoding my website, which means that most links within the website just won't work. Some sections have some content though, and my "page not found" should have some information on where you may actually find something.

Books, Books, Books

I've started splitting my embarrassingly incomplete list of good books up in more or less meaningful sections, hopefully making it easier both to find something interesting and to add more that ought to be there. The work is far from complete, as a visit will quickly make clear. Despite it's shortcomings, I invite you to take a look at it.

The book on the right, The Temple of the Golden Pavilion by Yukio Mishima, is the basis of the movie Enjo by Kon Ichikawa, which I saw at the movie museum recently.

So what's all this then? Very simple: This is my personal website and I am Ivar Wind Skovgaard. Some of my main interests are:


I do a lot of photography and on my photography pages you can see examples of what I think is worth looking at. However there's a dual purpose in that many of the photographs have been selected due to their subject matter rather than their esthetic value. For a quick treat, take a look at the photo of the day.


My movie pages are mostly of interest if you intend to visit a cinema in Copenhagen. I try to keep up to date on what's worth seeing, where and when, but currently I'm approximately five years behind schedule.

Other stuff

As I tend to put every kind of information on these pages, it's hard to make a short resumé. The most recent additions can be found in the column to the right, but some more things you may find interesting include:


The rest of the contents I invite you to investigate on your own. In total there is well over 100 megabytes of text, images and movies here, and not all of it is supposed to be easy to find.

  A picture of me.

New on Wind.dk

Not all additions appear on this list. I have to consider it an important change.

July 13.
Updated ボッコちゃん
October 2.
November 30.
Rei Toei
August 12.
Updated V'ger, ボッコちゃん, トマト, Mahoro, Skynet, and Computers
August 5.
March 13.
December 21.
Ris à l'amande og andre opskrifter
June 23.
May 20.

Now you could go on to read about the production of these pages or use the SPIFF Search to find whatever you're looking for, but first of all I suggest you read a little story:

A little story

Once, I was browsing in a bookshop here in Copenhagen, when I saw my nephew in the opposite end of the shop, with his blond hair and corlourful jacket.

What a coincidence, I thought, he must be here with his mother - I'll give him a surprise!

As he descended the spiral stairs to the lower department, I rushed through the shop and followed him down. When I reached him at the bottom I said "Booh!"

Only, when he turned around, it wasn't my nephew... However, I do believe he was there with his mother!

Microsith Planet Exploder

These pages are best viewed with Microsith Planet Exploder from Microsith a subsidiary of TOTL.net. Or is it the other way around...

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