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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

A few years back, Morten gave me this 400MHz Firewire and USB equipped laptop. It was short of a battery and PSU and even with another PSU it would not start. That has all been fixed, I got a PSU and bought a new battery and to make it start you just need to unplug the small backup battery.

I did not seem able to install Mac OS X on it. It may be some problem with the graphics chip, but it did not bother me much. Instead I installed a nice clean Mac OS 9.2.2. It could not run a modern web browser, but a website designed for a modern browser would probably exhaust the limited resources anyway.

It came with 192MB RAM, has a 10GB harddisc and a sporadically functioning DVD drive - oh well, it worked well enough to install the system and some programs. It runs Marathon and Carmageddon without a hitch. Not that games are what I used it for, only in the breaks, only in the breaks.

What I really used it for, was my studies. For the exams in the summer of 2008, Mahoro saw more use than any other of my computers - maybe even more use than anytime before, the screen was still a very nice white hue.

Of course I can not get OpenOffice for System 9 but then, Claris Works 4 is a program many present day software designers could learn from, it is as simple as can be and does pretty much all you want. Well almost, OpenOffice can be expanded in ways that are very useful in Japanese studies, but there is more on that on Bokko-chan's page.

I also had Japanese dictionary software for it, and though it was a bit finicky, it was much better than nothing. Of course I could use online dictionaries when it was connected to the internet.

The output went directly to my laser printer - Mahoro may have been eight years old, but it had everything you really need, even printer drivers for Mac OS 9.

I used it to write my history assignment on sex and money in the works of Ihara Saikaku and later to practice reading and writing Japanese texts with the Japanese input. If you do not know how to pronounce a kanji, you can not get it on the screen. Japanese input methods are conveniently unforgiving in that respect.

In the autumn of 2008, I used it to write a very short paper on Ronald Dore and for some translation notes.

Unfortunately this is all in the past tense. I did not use it much in 2009 - though I suppose my notes from the 2009 Berlinale are tucked away somewhere on it - before some time around the end of February. When riding my bicycle down the stairs on Rådhuspladsen, my bag fell off the back of my bike and Mahoro was bumped a little. Actually it is still functional, except the screen has got a strange diagonal line across it, and on one side of the line, you can not see much of the image.

It is a pity, for it is a really nice computer, but I can not use it for many practical purposes now. I expect it will end up with an external monitor in a game of Marathon. However the expense of the battery - that being the main expense I have had on it - I consider to be completely covered by the utility value the computer has already had in my studies. Now I have the neat little Bokko-chan to take Mahoro's place there.

Mahoro is a retired combat robot (with the looks of a pretty girl) who works as a maid for an orphan boy in the Gainax series Mahoromatic.

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