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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

I bought Isshiki-chan at a very reasonable price used from a friend of mine, as my need for a better computer for daily use coincided with him wanting to upgrade.

It's a vintage 2009 17" MacBook Pro with a 2.8GHz Core2Duo T9600, running OS X Snow Leopard. With 4GB RAM and 500GB harddisc, I haven't run into any serious limitations yet.

So far I'm using it for web browsing, image editing, writing, chatting, watching movies, and a few other things. I'm sure the list will get longer.

For quick selections and batch processing I'm using Preview and ResizeMe. For more advanced image processing I've installed Gimp and SilkyPix, the latter I haven't really tried using yet, but it came with my GF1, so I thought I might as well try it some day.

I use OpenOffice for school work and other writings as well as a spreadsheet to keep track of my hours. I'm still having some trouble with Itadaki on it, but I guess it will be sorted out. And on that note, JEDict is a good little Japanese dictionary program. JEDict is much better than the built-in Japanese dictionary in Apple's Dictionary application, not because the latter is a bad program, but unfortunately the Japanese-English dictionary included in it is dismally short on kanji variations - the very thing that you may need the dictionary for even if you know the word in question.

TextWrangler is good for editing webpages, as I still haven't changed to a CMS - when I do, I guess TextWrangler will still be good for editing scripts.

For chatting I use Skype and Adium and of course Firefox for all sorts of messing around on the web. And so far, VLC seems like the best choice for playing video files - I can't help thinking there must be something better somewhere.

I've also set up synchronization with Bokko-chan's documents on V'ger, so in the future I should be able to edit my school work and other files on either machine, without having to think too much about where I edited it last time. The folder permissions may have gotten a bit weird and overly restrictive in the process, but I expect it'll sort itself out in the end. Of course I have to take care that the files are sync'ed with V'ger and back to the other machine before I change place, but it should be manageable. Only problem is, that I have to let them sync somewhere not at the university, as for some most definitely no good reason, there's no SSH there. This will be nice, as Isshiki-chan is really too big and heavy to take with me every day.

六本松一式 or Ropponmatsu Number One is a robot in Excel Saga. It has a tendency to get blown up in the line of duty.

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