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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

Rei Toei is an old IBM NetVista machine. I got it from my nephew and for a while it worked as a sales computer in Gloria Biograf. It was retired when we got a new system for the tickets and now I have reclaimed it to use as a terminal to manage V'ger.

It is running a Xubuntu system with a Xfce desktop, but the desktop probably won't matter much, as I will mostly be logging directly into V'ger's desktop environment. Still, the Xfce seems nice.

While it functioned as a sales computer it was named Wong Faye for various reasons including it was not on my own network, so I did not have to stick to any dogma. I have not read the William Gibson novels featuring Rei Toei, but I thought a virtual idol was a suitable name change from Wong Faye.

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