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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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Wind.dk - the site of lunacy

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t2 - 日本語

Follow the links in the submenu to read about my computers (how very exciting, don't you think ;)

Currently the computers that are used most are Ropponmatsu, V'ger, Bokko-chan, and Tomato. Most of the others are sadly not even ready to be turned on, though a couple of them are used to play movies in other rooms. The pages for them are pretty much up-to-date, but the older one for Sharon Apple is in need of updating - it has got quite some hardware changes since I last edited the page, and currently it doesn't even boot properly - a problem I will need to fix at some point.

Also recently and for different reasons more or less finally updated are the pages for Mahoro, and Skynet. The rest of the list, both the menu and the pages it takes you to, is to put it mildly, not entirely up-to-date. It should be only those computers that I currently consider functional or near functional, but there are a lot of defunct or decommissioned equipment still listed. There are a couple of corpses, that could be fun to get working, but they are doubtful. Still some of the pages are interesting, and some of them are even fairly accurate.

Following are a few links, erh... well... one link, that may be of interest to nutcases who think computers more than two months old can be interesting in any way.


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